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The Sheet Metal Workers Local 312 Union represents workers in one of the most diverse, engaging, and vital trades in the nation, with competitive wages and benefits and highly promising employment prospects. The only craftsmen to manufacture a finished product entirely from scratch, sheet metal workers are involved in a tremendous range of construction projects, including railroad cars, HVAC systems, skylights, and even gold leaf. These products are made using everything from the simplest hacksaw to advanced computerized equipment. Sheet metal workers are involved with a finished product over its entire lifetime through a variety of tasks, from initial design to construction to maintenance and service.

Sheet Metal Workers Local 312 is the Utah branch of the Sheet Metal Workers International Association. We advocate energetically for the interests of Utah’s sheet metal craftsmen, negotiating with general contractors, developers, and building owners to ensure fair wages for our dedicated, skilled workers.









Few facts about Sheet Metal Workers Utah Local 312

“Ancient traditions of craftsmanship with cutting-edge manufacturing technology”


A Trade of Diversity

Sheet metal work is the only trade in which finished items are manufactured entirely from raw materials, and is involved in nearly every type of large-scale construction project.

Apprenticeship Programs

Sheet metal work is complex, challenging, and varied, and requires apprenticeship training for mastery of the trade and for good wages, benefits, and employment prospects. Becoming a skilled sheet metal craftsman usually takes four to five years of classroom and on-the-job training. Apprenticeship programs provide comprehensive instruction in both sheet metal fabrication and installation. Joint committees composed of representatives of SMWIA and local chapters of the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors Association administer these programs. Students can earn wages while in the training program.

Apprenticeship & Union Benefits

We have greatly expanded our work on behalf of sheet metal craftsmen over the years, adding an apprenticeship training program in 1945, a federal credit union in 1950, the first negotiated health and welfare plan in 1953, and a defined benefit pension plan in 1964. Workers who are part of a union, on average, make 30% more in wages, are 63% more likely to have employer-provided health benefits, and are four times as likely to have pensions than non-union workers.

Sheet Metal Workers Opportunities

There are several different subspecialties of sheet metal work, including fabrication, installation, and maintenance, as well as testing, adjusting, balancing, and servicing manufacturing equipment. While some sheet metal workers choose to focus on mastering one specialty, many enhance their talents and employment opportunities by learning multiple skills.

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Sheet metal craftsmanship can be seen in places you would normally never expect.
This project is one of many that Sheet Metal Workers perform on a daily basis. No project to large or small.

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